Odk briefcase download

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Odk briefcase

ODK Briefcase is a desktop application for pulling, pushing, and converting form data on ODK servers such as ODK Aggregate. You can use it to move form. The ODK Briefcase file available for download is an executable Java application. Once downloaded, it can be run directly and does not need to be "installed.". The ODK community produces two suites of software: ODK 1 and ODK 2. Enketo, Kobo, ELMO); Includes Collect, Aggregate, XLSForm, Build, and Briefcase.

The selected forms will be pulled to your Briefcase Storage location. [+] show details Click the Configure button and select the unzipped odk folder. Select the. ODK Briefcase is a Java application for fetching and pushing forms and their contents. It helps make billions of data points from ODK portable. Contribute and . ODK Briefcase icon Gather and aggregate data from ODK collect and pull, push or export forms by turning to this simple, yet powerful software.

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