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I would call it slowhacking, but this command is already included in amxx. What I want is, player types /namemenu and sees the connected. I have noticed that in our Zombie Escape server the command amx_nick does not function properly. The command shows everything needed. amx_nick [SpA]Yttob [SpA]Botty That command would change the player called '[ SpA]Yttob' to '[SpA]Botty'. So, the first nick is the nick that the.

cvar value. amx_map Changes map. amx_nick Changes Users Name. amx_cfg Exec. 2- file, put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins. 3- Enter the file addons / amxmodx / configs / and add the following. amx_nick Nick New Nick "- Nick player changes, eg. This command is useful when a player enter the nick-mail that violates the rules of the server, and the script.

amx_nick "Current name" "new name" Changes the players name amx_who Displays who is on the server. amx_last Displays who was on the. amx_nick ADMIN_LEVEL_A Changes Users Name. amx_cfg ADMIN_CFG Executes a server-side. Hi guys, anyone else having trouble using amx_nick? It only works when I close cs and restart it. It's a problem when I try to go online incognito. 7 окт amx_map Menjanje mape amx_nick Menjas ime igracu amx_plugins vidis listu plugin instaliranih na.

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