Tough love baby manga download

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Tough love baby manga

However, with the appearance of a younger classmate, Sora, he may finally be able to experience the happiness of mutual love. Tough guys. Tough Love Baby has 50 ratings and 5 reviews. As for the story itself, its a simple oneshot volume which deals with a pretty typical plotline used in BL manga;. Tough Love Baby manga info and recommendations. Tough guys need love, too! This tale of tough love.

Tough Love Baby (Yaoi) (Deux) [Shiuko Kano] on *FREE* If you like the manga-ka's other work, 'Yakuza in Love', then you'll enjoy this one, too!. Tough Love Baby” is a manga from mangaka “Shiuko KANO” that falls into the main genre of Romantic Drama. Tough Love Baby (manga). Have you read this? Bucchou Baby (Japanese). Bucchyo Baby find similar manga based on genres & themes. Plot Summary.

6) Bucchou BABY ~ Extra Short extra of chapter Type. Manga. Related Series. N/A. Associated Names. Tough Love Baby 仏頂BABY. Title: Tough Love Baby. Author: Shiuko Kano. Publisher: Deux. ISBN: May Contain Spoilers. Yoshino has returned to his. Tough guys need love, too! This tale of tough love revolves around the bittersweet romance between four tough guys: Yoshino, Sachi, Tamotsu, and Sora.

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