Marry serana mod download

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Marry serana mod

About this mod. This makes it possible to marry Serana after completing Quest Kindred Judgement and advising Serana's mother Valerica that  Files 5 - Posts - Images 31 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by DerpatronGames Serana marriable mod - http:// www. Instructions on how to download and install the mod that lets you marry one of Skyrim's vampires, Serana.

This's a simple mod. The mod just adds Serana to the vanilla marriage options. It's the same way that you marry another marriable NPC. Please Can someone explain to me something about the marriage all mod? In the page of this mod (for PS4) the creator of the mod (MCcarbonara) put a. Obligatory "OMG why can't you marry Serana in Vanilla" rage. There's a couple mods that look like they will work but I'm not sure which is safest.

As the title says, is there a marriable Serana mod out there? I looked online, nothing that worked. I looked on the mod page on the main menu. what happens if i get rid of the mod? RogueAI Mar 1 @ pm. serana isn't able to speak at all. silvrdraco Feb 15 @ am. I was able to successfully marry. Without mods, you can't. Serana is non-marriageable in vanilla Skyrim. If you just want a vampire spouse, you can turn someone into a vampire with the. Serana is the only person I am interested in marrying and luckily there is a mod for doing so. Does this mod make her act like normal spouses.

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